Whizz Whozz

Posted on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Created By:  “Pear and Melons”  Simey, Matty B,  Alanna Mondon, David Allison-Nichol, Simon Narai, Mark Tuckey and Matt Barker

“Whizz Whozz”  is a game of defense. You play as a wizard who is defending his castle from hordes of elemental enemies. Using the theme of the shapes: square, triangle and arc. We’ve incorporated these shapes into the elements of rock, air and moon. Your enemies only take damage from corresponding elements. Between waves you can also go into ‘build mode’ and lay down traps to slow down your enemies on their way to attack you.  After you’ve finished a wave, you can upgrade the damage your traps do. You can purchase these upgrade points with money that you earn from killing enemies.  Enjoy!”

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