Wheres Qubey

Posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2012 at 1:01 am

Created By:     TBA Games  -  Thomas Pollinger,  Tony Pascal,  Adison Clarke,  Patrick Tripodi, Matt Streatfield and Bryce Anderson

Kid ran away from home leaving a trail in his path. His parents are trying to find him. Upon leaving the house they were summoned to the outer reaches of space where the king of holding watermelons warned them of the impending destruction of earth by their own son!! It became apparent that all those protein shakes the kid was drinking was all part of his plan to send earth into oblivion. While dad wanted to go alone so mum was safe,  king watermelons would not have it and as punishment warped the parents genetic structure into different geometric shapes. “What am I!?!?” yelled dad but king watermelon simply uttered “a pleb, NOW FIND YOUR SON AND SAVE THE WORLD!!!” The geometric couple left the kings throne, scared about their son, confused about their bodies and ready to kick some intergalactic gym junkie butt!! This is their story…

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